How to Measure to Dress

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  • Welcome to our online shop! We will guide you to properly take measurements because it’s a necessity for getting clothes in the right sizes. Sizing differences can be connected to different fabrics, updated cuts of products bearing the same name, and even vanity sizing.

    General rules of thumb

    When taking your measures, be sure to use a cloth measuring tape (or other options in the absence of one) — but not a metal measuring tape. This will guarantee that you’re measuring your body correctly. Also, measure only over bare skin or skin-tight dresses to guarantee the most precise measurements.

    Although many people think that getting proper body measurements yourself is super hard, it’s not – all you have to do is know precisely where to place the tape measure and the rest will follow. 

    We will present how to measure the upper, lower, and feet part and the corresponding sizes in the following suggestive images.

    Upper Part

    How to measure upper part

    Lower part

    How to measure lower part

    Feet part

    How to measure your feet